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— Для самых маленьких в интернет-магазинах России

The Usborn Book of Sleepytime Stories

This is a charming new book, perfect for bedtime. It features six original short stories by Sam Taplin, guaranteed to get babies and young children ready to float off to sleep. Each gentle and sweet story features a different animal, including a...

2 490 руб.

Купить в Интернет-магазин Philips за 2 490 руб.

A Tree for All Seasons

This uniquely shaped board book celebrates the cycle of the year with a tree that blossoms in spring, bears fruit in summer, sheds its leaves in fall, and cradles snow in winter. Young readers follow the passage of seasons in a succession of...

9 990 руб.

Купить в Интернет-магазин Philips за 9 990 руб.


The perfect book for all dino-dads on Father's Day!

7 190 руб.

Купить в Интернет-магазин Philips за 7 190 руб.

What's the Opposite?

The thing about the Hueys was that they liked to look at things differently. So their new adventure is sure to be the opposite of ordinary.

16 990 руб.

Купить в Интернет-магазин Philips за 16 990 руб.

Snow Bears

When Mummy Bear comes out to play with her baby bears, she finds three small snow bears instead. They don't look like her baby bears – but they love to play just the same games! Three little bears, a game of snowballs and hot toast by an open...

15 990 руб.

Купить в Ноябрьск за 15 990 руб.




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